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Talent Strategy

    Mason reward those who work hard work, low-key life, high efficiency principle, pay attentionto talent cultivation and development Efforts to practice "you have the ability, I have stage" commitment, and employees share the company's rapid development achievements; Adhere to the "almy, came down" the principle of fair competition, fly your dream. In the young vitality, warm family with love. In theyoung vitality, warm family with love, we will unite together,  learn from each other,the collision sparks of innovation; We provide very competitive salary, challenging jobs.



       Salary structure:  Basic salary + commision + bonus + manangement award

       Working time:  Five days per week,eghit hours per day (08:30-12:00 ; 13:30-18:00)

       Staff holiday:  Legal holiday and five-day paid annual holiday 

       Social insurance:  Five social insurance + one housing fund, complementary accident insurance for team

       Holiday benefits:  Monetary gift for traditional festivals and birthday

       Team activities:  Staff dinners and domestic or oversea travel